How do you master Microsoft Azure?

Hybrid work processes, with the standardization of full-time or part-time telecommuting, not to mention the need to save some money on IT infrastructure, have given cloud computing a huge boost. What are we talking about and how do we train with Microsoft Azure?

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technology” cloud computing » Consists of accessing online resources and storing them on servers remotely without the need for installation Data Center or servers on site. In addition to being practical, this solution is an alternative to reduce costs and take advantage of nearly unlimited scalability.

Azure Zoom, Microsoft’s solution

Since 2010, Microsoft Provides a platform that brings together IT solutions open source and proprietary software provided by third-party companies. In practice, Microsoft Azure offers in its catalog the ability to build, test and deploy apps or services that may be provided to other companies, departments or individuals. To facilitate these processes, the technology default Allows you to carry out commands or Queries remotely without actually installing any software on the workstation.

The advantage of PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is that Developers Access to modern and scalable technologies, without having to worry about security as it is directly managed by Microsoft. This is the mode of operation that provides the opportunity to focus on the productivity and real business of the company, without having to focus on installing, maintaining and securing the structure. physical (Servers, data centers, etc.).

What does Azure concretely offer?

It would be difficult to sum up the enormity of the capabilities that Microsoft Azure provides in a few words. But we play the game the same way by summarizing the different services available.

  • storage on database : Microsoft Azure provides storage space, to support And data recovery to adapt to the needs of companies that use this service.
  • Providing desktop application development tools and mobile phones In particular by using virtual machines.
  • Containers that are actually packaged environments are able to run applications and maintain all the components needed to run them.
  • The machine learning Which allows companies that want to make predictions and implement algorithms to automate tasks within the framework of their activity, for example.

As it is one of the most popular and pervasive clouds, having such a technical background would make a difference whether for building skills or searching for first job Or to consider professional retraining. Mastering the Microsoft cloud could be an opportunity to deliver real content Pushing force to your career since today many companies of all sizes use it (or you guessed it) not to mention big companies like Siemensand Société Générale and Franprix.

May 2021, market research expert from Digital Marquis published her report Rhetorical information on cloud computing trends for the period from 2021 to 2025: “ The cloud now accounts for more than 25% of digital software and services “.

About Datascientest Azure Training

It is a safe bet that the revenue generated from Microsoft Azure will increase in the coming years, as cloud computing has comfortably intervened and installed itself in the strategies of many companies around the world. Measure your reach to Microsoft Azure Theme From professional skills, Datascientest training platform has taken the lead in addressing people who want to Practice cloud computing on Microsoft Azure.

This intensive Azure training runs for five days and features alternating between classes and one-on-one coaching. Learning objectives range from design pipe lines Even improving data management, not forgetting a special section on data collections and data security.

  • All these achievements will give you the knowledge to compete in them Certificates Microsoft official.
  • datascientist Follow the program Microsoft Education Partner »All participants have a case Microsoft Certified Trainer.
  • Be careful, since many IT solutions are available in English, it is important to have a fairly good language level. being able to SQL Based on Python It will also be a prerequisite for access to this course.

What is the Microsoft Learning Partner Program?

Enrolling in an Azure training session offered by a Microsoft Learning partner guarantees learning that meets the requirements set by Microsoft. As the American multinational explains in its documents,Subsidiary The Microsoft Learning Partner Program gives an additional dimension to the coach career while participating in the deployment of an Azure solution for professionals.

From the point of view of the learners, it is an opportunity to accompany technical experts who have solid knowledge of all that isenvironmental system Microsoft to help you achieve your business goals.

The article was produced in partnership with Datascientest

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