Hebdo Crypto #182 – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Weekly News

Week 14/02 in brief – News Concerning Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency Constantly boiling. Important information can get lost in the daily flow of information and miss important points. This format exists to remedy that. Back to last week’s news in Weekly Coding To keep you updated on the current state of cryptocurrency.

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The corner that can’t be missed

Tired of spending astronomical amounts of fees on Ethereum? Kolepi has a solution with Trader Joe, the king of decentralized exchanges on the Avalanche blockchain.

TRADERJOE, what is it?

After collecting money for 5 million dollarsWith the help of many of the big names in the cryptosphere, such as Three Arrows Capital or the Avalanche Foundation, TraderJoe has established itself as DEX #1 blockchain Avalanche.

Thus, TraderJoe is a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) hosted on the Avalanche blockchain, which has been talked about a lot during 2021.

TraderJoe allows you to:

  • exchange an asset vs. post via tab “switch” ;
  • Asset farmi.e. to lend liquidity, in order to allow other users to exchange;
  • Bet on his JOEs (Platform Governance Token) in order to acquire xJOE;
  • Lending and borrowing of cryptocurrencies.

All of these possibilities make Trader Joe’s a complete starting point.

Feel free to refer to the entire article for more details : Trader Joe’s Complete Guide to Using the King of DEXs in Avalanche (AVAX)

news summary

Discovering a fatal mistake in the second layer of optimism. Developer Jay Freeman discovered a flaw that allowed infinite OETH generation (ETH for Optimism Network). Fortunately, this was corrected in time.

Sulfur Onlyfans enters NFTs. Thus, users of the platform will now be able to view their NFTs as a profile picture. For now, this feature will be exclusive to Ethereum NFTs.

The DAO is recognized as a legal status in the Marshall Islands. Thus, the Republic has just passed a law allowing DAOs to obtain corporate legal status.

Build Finance Victim of Governance Attack. The user has successfully obtained sufficient voting power to approve any governance proposal.

Ukraine goes cryptocurrency. Thus, the country has just passed a law further legalizing the use of cryptocurrencies. In addition, it offers various protections to cryptocurrency holders.

▶ You already know that Sami never rests. This week he unveiled the much-anticipated interview with the founders of the NFT sales platform on Solana: Solanart.

5 week metrics

248.11 Exahs per second (EH/s)that it New record set by Bitcoin network hash rate. This reached a new ATH after a drop in June 2021 due to Chinese regulatory uncertainty.

New record set by Bitcoin network hash rate
New record set by Bitcoin network hash rate

70.4 millionthat it Number of addresses with ETH. Meanwhile, the number of whales on a network of more than 1,000 ETH has reached a local low in 4 years.

Number of addresses with ETH
Number of addresses with ETH Twitter source

100 million dollarsthat it Amount BlockFi Would Propose to US Regulators. In fact, the platform is under close scrutiny after the skepticism surrounding BlockFi’s interest calculation.

74%that it Share of ransomware proceeds that may pass to Russia. This was revealed in the latest report from Chainalysis. The country also appears to be a bad student when it comes to money laundering.

10 million dollarsthat it Amount Offered by MakerDAO for Bug Bounty Program. This is done through the ImmuneFi protocol and is meant to reward developers who identify bugs in the protocol.

Tweet of the week

The tweet of the week goes to @0xinvis. He reveals his tool for tracking the distribution of clients on the betting pools of the Ethereum consensus layer.

As a reminder, Proof of Stake in Ethereum has a major issue with centralization around the Prysm client. Unsurprisingly, this centralization is mostly caused by major betting pools.

Have a nice week in the Journal du Quin! 🙂

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