Côte d’Ivoire: Combating Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime provides the Center with computers at a cost of 25 million CFA francs funded by Germany

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Vasugu Bamba

The fight against economic and financial crime is one of the main challenges that modern societies seek to meet in order to ensure the well-being of their population.

pests that are whitening from capital and the Finance The Terror Having become real well-organised firms, all energies are mobilized in a dynamic cooperation framework by giving themselves the means to mitigate or eliminate their influence.

It is in such a context thatUnited Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Its mission is to provide technical and financial assistance to the governments of Member States that have donated computer equipment to Côte d’Ivoire through Scent To help it better deal with cases related to, among other things, serious crimes, drugs, human trafficking and migrant smuggling, whitening Money Terror etc.

According to the Deputy Head of the Cabinet of the Minister of Economy and Finance, the equipment has been provided to Scent Once again reflects the commitment and determinationUnited Nations Office on Drugs and Crime To strengthen the operational framework to combat whitening from capital and the Finance The Terror from the Ivory Coast.

“So I have no doubt that this material will allow Scent to enhance its ability to operate and will contribute to improving the working conditions of its agents.”

This donation comes at a time when the control system was whitening from capital and the Finance The Terror Côte d’Ivoire is subject to mutual evaluation.

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according to Vasugu BambaThe Government is following this process closely and has made the necessary technical and financial resources available to the Mutual Assessment Coordination Team. He pointed out that many draft texts have been adopted or are in the process of being adopted to bring the anti-money laundering and terrorist financing system into line with international rules and standards, especially the forty recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force.

All these government measures are aimed at reducing financial crimes in our country, which unfortunately still faces some terrorist attacks in the border region with Burkina Faso. So the threat is real and permanent. Thus, it is necessarily important that the working capabilities of the structures such as Scent Enhance them in order to achieve effective neutralization of sources Finance terrorist groups and other financial criminals”, said the Deputy Chief of Staff, finally expressing the hope that with the acquisition of this computer, the results of Scent will follow.

stability helpUnited Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Towards Côte d’Ivoire welcomed Idrissa Toure, Prime Minister Scent. He pointed out thatUnited Nations Office on Drugs and Crime He drove in June 2021, a mission to Scent To assess technical assistance needs.

According to him, it was in particular the implementation of capacity enhancement Scent Through the acquisition of various computer and technical equipment. The goal is to greatly help improve the work Scent In the disclosure and processing of financial information with the aim of neutralizing financial criminals.

The delivered equipment consisted of the latest generation of Lenovo desktop computers, nine HP desktop computers, a high-capacity scanner, a high-capacity color printer, three external hard drives, a high-capacity UPS, a firewall and a lightning rod , divided into a computer room.

Mr. Toure expressed his gratitude toUnited Nations Office on Drugs and Crime for the selection of Côte d’Ivoire by the beneficiary countries and assured that Scent Côte d’Ivoire will take great care of this equipment, which is timely at a time when the country is participating in the second round of mutual evaluation of its control system. whitening from capital and the Finance The Terror.

“After sending the filled-in questionnaires on technical compliance and the effectiveness of our system, we are waiting for the field visit of the IMF expert evaluators next June,” the president explained.

This technical and computer equipment worth 25 million CFA francs was acquired thanks to budgetary support from the German Embassy.

Kodjo Atesu, Regional Adviser to the . AssociationUnited Nations Office on Drugs and Crime He himself traveled from Dakar to Abidjan to deliver equipment to Scent He thanked the German Embassy for Finance of this important project.

He added, “We are implementing other projects for the benefit of Côte d’Ivoire in capacity-building cases in the investigation.”

According to him, today’s discount covers only part of the needs Scent It is huge. To be closer to other countries in the region, announced thatUnited Nations Office on Drugs and Crime She is in the process of deploying part of her team from the Senegal Regional Office in Abidjan.

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“From May, we will have a coordinator in Abidjan, and cooperation with the Ivorian authorities will be further strengthened,” said Kodjo Ateso.

On behalf of the German Embassy, ​​Political and Economic Adviser Martin Kofer reassured Scent for her technical assistance.

“We will stay by your side in the future to support you in the fight whitening from capital and the Finance The Terror ‘, he finished.


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