Alec Monopoly, the king of street art, launches his NFT collection: his exclusive interview for Forbes

While the art world has been undergoing its transformation for over a year through the world of Web3.0 and the world of NFTs, we had the opportunity to meet Alec Monopoly, a particularly well-known figure in the street art world, who opened his art gallery in Dubai and Launches the first NFT collection. The opportunity to better understand the working dynamics in this environment, and how this core star made friends Crypto whales and celebrities, and why he decided to launch his group NFT.

Hi Alec, can you tell us about yourself? How did you become the well-known artist you are today?

AM: My name is Alec Monopoly, I’m from New York City and I’m a street artist. I started drawing in the streets in 2008. That was the financial crisis on Wall Street and I became known for directing Mister Monopoly, the famous character of the game of the same name. It’s what made my reputation and it’s also what gave me my nickname in the world of street art. At the time, everyone in New York was focusing on this financial crisis, and my art was a reflection of what the community was feeling at the time.

What made your career take off in the United States and internationally?

AM: I was arrested by the NYPD, which was echoed in the national media and then at art galleries internationally. Since that time, I have not stopped creating around the character of Mr. Monopoly, and I am now recognized by the international art world. My work is shown privately at the Museum of Modern Art in Bangkok, and I am now opening my own exhibition in Dubai.

I got into NFT quite early, in 2019, when the trend and phenomenon of NFT we know today didn’t even exist yet. NFT has since been just one of my designs sold to charity

The beginning of a storyAlec Monopoly So it begins in 2008, a startling parallel to the beginning of cryptocurrency history that takes root at the same time: the subprime mortgage financial crisis. In the same way that Satoshi Nakamoto in his white paper on Bitcoin recounted the catastrophe caused by this crisis and the loss of confidence in financial institutions, Alec highlights these events in his artwork in the middle of the streets of New York. And the comparison does not stop there, because Alec for a long time remained an unknown figure, in the shadow of his works.

Can you explain to us your anonymity and why you changed your mind?

AM: I was unknown for so long that, like Banksy, I had a scarf to hide my face. I was anonymous to hide my face and avoid police detection when I started on the streets of New York. Today I decided to reveal my face, because I am recognized in the art world and I tell myself that there is no longer any reason to remain anonymous. However, it has caused me some problems with the authorities.

The career started in 2008 and in anonymity we can’t resist the temptation to ask if you’re the one hiding behind the nickname “Satoshi Nakamoto”.

AM: I wanted to be Satoshi Nakamoto, but no, that’s not me! In fact, I hadn’t made contact before we exchanged.

How did you become interested in cryptography and NFTs?

AM: My art and the topics I highlight in my work around finance and the character of Mr. Monopoly are very meaningful to crypto investors who identify themselves in my work. In fact, there are a lot of “cRipto whaleswho collect my paintings. Once again, there are many similarities between the world of street art and the world of crypto. Anonymous search is a good example.

I saw you’ve already done some NFT projects. Can you tell us about the first NFT work you were able to do?

AM: I got into NFT very early, in 2019, when the trend and phenomenon of NFT we know today didn’t exist yet. NFT has since been just one of my designs sold to charity. Then, in 2020, she collaborated with artist Ozuna. We put his Bear and Mr. Monopoly characters together for a group that quickly became a hit run out . Now, I will soon be officially announcing the launch of the Generative Arts NFT Series. Holders of my NFTs made with Ozuna will be entitled to exclusive access and viewing benefits.

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Are you a NFT collector on your own?

AM: Absolutely yes, I am a huge collector of NFTs and value them as pieces of art in their own right. One of my first NFTs was from the group of Gary V, a well-known entrepreneur in the US who launched his Veefriends group. I also have Meebits that I’ve been using as my profile picture for some time. I like the fact that we look for NFTs that represent our personality and characteristics. I even bought an NFT that looked like my girlfriend! (He laughs)

It has become a necessity for many celebrities. Do your friends follow NFT like you do?

AM: Yes, many of my friends are also in NFT. On my birthday, Logan Paul gave me a world of women. Today there is a real connection between NFTs and the evolution of the art world, it’s really cool to experience.

I can see that you and your brother launched your own NFT platform “Artrail”. Can you tell us about this project, and will your NFT series be based on this platform?

AM: Artrail is a project I’m leading to have my own NFT platform and let my friends make it drops on a trusted platform. However, this same project is smaller than the series I will be announcing soon. You still need to study the different possibilities to find the platform that will be able to provide the most security and able to support peak traffic when NFTs go on sale. It is very important to me that all these elements are taken into account so that the experience is as smooth and safe as possible. Usually, when I start a new project, a new collaboration, websites have a hard time keeping up. So I want to make sure that everything is working fine with the NFT series.

The NFTs will originally be 2D, then we can convert them to 3D NFTs for use in the metaverse

Can you now tell us more about your NFT series?

AM: The next series is an obstetric art project that I’ve been working on for a year now. It will be about a new character that I have been developing for five years. She is a completely original character she created called “Lil Ritchie”. He somehow represents Mister Monopoly’s nephew.

What message do you want to convey with this group?

AM: I want everyone to be able to identify themselves with the characters in the group thanks to the different characteristics I’ve combined. By the way, there will be a male character with Lil Richie, but I’ve also combined a female character that will look a bit like a new version of Jessica Rabbit.

How did you have to adapt the way you work to create NFTs?

AM: Working with NFTs requires adaptation, in fact. Create now on iPad with Apple Pencil. Even if the tools change, the technical and ideological base remains the same. I made all the elements of the series myself and surrounded myself with a team that makes it possible to create generative art.

Today, NFTs are a great way to build a community. How do you want to keep your community with this chain?

AM: Unlike many projects that don’t deliver on their promises, I really want to get my community involved in the work, and create real benefit for it. pregnantOne of my works that will be an exclusive artwork in itself. They will also allow instant access to exclusive events, the first of which will be at Art Basel Miami in December.

Will your NFTs be available in the metaverse?

AM: Yes, the NFTs will initially be 2D, then we can convert them to 3D NFTs for use in the metaverse. My team and I are currently working on developing a complete experience in this new universe. The Matrix was the main inspiration for this project, and I’d like to pass that on to collectors.

Alec, what message do you want to convey to your fans who have read us and who are eagerly awaiting the launch of the series?

AM: My artwork has always been very dear and inaccessible to most fans, and the NFT series will allow everyone to collect one of my work and make some of my work their own.

In conclusion, Alec Monopoly is an artist known for more than 10 years for his works and the universe he created. He is himself an NFT collector and a member of the crypto world, and now he combines his passion to create what promises to be one of the most important NFT chains of the year that you will be able to follow. social networks.

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