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Since its announcement in 2018, Xbox Cloud Gaming (formerly Xbox Cloud Gaming Project) has come a long way and now offers a large catalog of over 300 games from Xbox Game Pass, allowing you to enjoy them on all screens (Android smartphones). , iOS, Windows 10/11 and Mac OS). Gradually, Microsoft allows the player to overcome the limitations of the hardware and provides touch controls, which are practical and popular.

Only one screen is enough

Microsoft believes in offering its rental game to attract an ever-growing audience. The success of Xbox Game Pass is now well established and its features are constantly evolving. Touch controls are part of it and allow you to start the game almost anywhere, without any physical limitation other than having a screen, provided you have a decent internet connection. In a recent article on Game Stack Developer Source, Microsoft discusses this feature and what makes it so successful.

This need or this desire to ditch a console or console, Monte Hernandez, Senior Program Manager at Xbox, explains it to us with an interesting analysis. According to him, the Xbox Cloud Gaming software is a real plus for developers who have access to many players thanks to the touch controls:

Running a fully supported console address on a low-power mobile phone or PC wasn’t possible in the past. These devices incorporate touch capabilities, and people have come to expect experiences to adapt and take full advantage of the form factor. Additionally, the promise of Xbox Cloud Gaming is accessibility and access. The cloud enables amazing experiences created by game developers on the go, by customers who have never owned a console, and in new and emerging markets.

When Monte Hernandez talks about new and emerging markets, it’s hard not to think of Asian regions where Xbox has always struggled to break into, but where mobile games are consumed more frequently (if not daily) than Western countries. He continues and insists on maneuverability by explaining that making the game touch is nothing more than an overlay of customizable lines of code to add to the original file. For developers, like those at Playful Studios (New Super Lucky’s Tale), this is a plus.

Touch controls are fully adaptable and customizable with just a few clicks. Here, the sea of ​​thieves.

Bringing New Super Lucky’s Tale to xCloud wasn’t all about simplicity. It was delicious, and required nothing more than to play the game and experience how fun and easy it is to play on the phone. This is just one of the many innovations Microsoft is bringing to the game at the moment and we can’t be thrilled with the opportunity to share Lucky with more players!

Touch controls are a real addition to a fast and intuitive gaming experience, and that’s even more felt in a title like Football Manager 2022 that makes great use of it. In any case, players make no mistake because 20% of them play this way exclusively. Titles that offer this maneuverability will be played twice on Xbox Cloud Gaming thanks to this feature! While the list of touch-screen games is growing over the weeks, some point to 30% of gamers because the experience is remarkable:

  • Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition
  • Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition
  • Hades
  • minecraft dungeons
  • New Super Lucky Tale
  • Scarlet Nexus
  • Yakuza: Like a dragon

If you haven’t had the chance to try out the touch controls yet, we highly recommend taking a look at our updated list of compatible titles that are bound to find what you’re looking for. It can still be improved of course, but it allows you to approach the game differently with the ability to launch AAA from your mobile phone. It’s time to let yourself be convinced that video games can also be tactile pleasure out of sight or hearing.

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