The Unbearable Fragility of the Internet – La Libre

Opinion of Luc de Brabander, business philosopher (1)

Although we connect to the Internet primarily through wifi, cyberspace is not a “wireless” community. Almost all transcontinental electronic communications pass through submarine cables that connect millions of servers together and together form the world’s largest machine.

At least 170 years after the first transatlantic cables were laid to connect the Paris, London and New York stock exchanges, today there are more cables than ever before. Neither the advent of radio around 1930, nor the advent of satellites fifty years later will reverse this strong trend. The digital ground is held together by a submerged ball of optical fiber. The growing practice of storing remote data in the “cloud” is driving this cable industry. If real clouds are in the sky, then on the other hand a large part of the “cloud” is under the sea.

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