Thales paints a “sovereign cloud” show by Google

The two companies hope to receive the “Trusted Cloud” label from the French government for their future service.

Major US cloud players are taking a position in the French “sovereign cloud” market. To be able to meet the technical and legal requirements set by the French state last May to provide maximum protection for sensitive data for French departments and companies, Google Cloud has chosen to join Thales.

The two companies aim to have the poster “cloud of trust”announced by the government in May to characterize the services “Cloud” which has a high level of security and which operates in Europe. For the government, these services in particular will allow to speed up the transition process “the cloud” Computerization of the state and public services.

Together they will propose an offer that will allow targeted French organizations to access the infrastructure and services of the Google Cloud platform, while ensuring that their data, used in France, is not extraterritorially subject to US laws.

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Data hosted by a French company, under the control of Thales

For this, the French-American couple will establish a new company under French law – the name has not been found – “which will be 100% under the control of Thales, the majority shareholder,” emphasized Marc Darmon, deputy general manager of Thales Secure Information and Communication Systems.

This new company will operate a dedicated infrastructure, with three data centers (in the Paris region), its own servers and separate networks in order to ensure a “total seal” with respect to Google Cloud. The necessary technical updates will be carried out inside a secure ‘Program Lock’. Without wanting to reveal the amounts, Thales and Google Cloud have made “significant investments on both sides” to access this offer.

The project has the favorable eye of the National Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI), for which the new company will have to obtain the SecNumCloud mark, a sine qua non for claiming the trust cloud. It will take time to get this and the first offers won’t be made until “Horizon 2023”.

Gaia X . project

The project is also blessed by the French state. “This partnership shows that France, like other European countries, is able to impose strict conditions on digital giants, according to the principle of cloud government,” asserts Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance, who admitted last May that the best cloud services today are American ones. .

A few months after announcing a similar alliance between Microsoft, Capgemini and Orange within Bleu, this new solution based on an American company is worrying French players in the sector. “Sovereignty is not a business opportunity to seize depending on the weather. We can’t play an announcement effect to make public representatives wait. The trust cloud is already in place with technology players qualified as SecNumCloud by ANSSI,” chokes David Chassan, Director of Strategy at 3DS Outscale.

The blow was made even worse with Thales leading the Committee for the Strategic Sector for Security Industries, which is funded by the French state, which is supposed to defend digital sovereignty and offer an alternative offer to US players. “The entire ecosystem will suffer, and eventually, we will again rely on American solutions hubs,” said Edward de Remore, co-founder of Oodrive. For Google Cloud, this association with Thales is a nice strategic move. Thales is a well-established partner in the public sectors and with many vital operators, a strong ally in its conquest of the French market.

At a time when the state and public services will accelerate their transition to “cloud” computing. “Thales is a company that resonates with the French market and inspires confidence,” said Anthony Sirot, General Manager of Google Cloud France. Google Cloud speaks with other southern European countries, including Italy and Spain. The American sees this type of alliance as “a form of participation in the European Gaia-X project”, which aims to create a European cloud infrastructure. A project that some see is already influenced by several shares at the heart.

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