Tesla is working on a humanoid robot with artificial intelligence

After his electric semi-autonomous cars, his network of satellites, brain-machine interfaces, and the Hyperloop or his rockets, Elon Musk has seemingly found a new fad: revolutionizing human work with the Tesla Bot. Societal revolution or miserable delirium?

If there’s one thing that defines Elon Musk, it’s definitely his taste for unbridled innovation, for better and for worse. As part of Tesla’s latest Artificial Intelligence Day, the billionaire Sulfur recently distinguished himself with a new avant-garde project that will surely raise some eyebrows: Tesla Bot.

It is a versatile robot that looks like a high-tech window mannequin, with a height of about 1.77 meters. However, it will weigh only 57 kg; A real featherweight among robots! For comparison, Atlas, the humanoid robot from Boston Dynamics, weighs 89 kg. It is designed to help humans on a daily basis. Musk cites several examples, such as “Go to the grocery store and buy these ingredients,” or “Move this thing here.” For this, it will be able to carry a load of about 20 kg, or 4.5 kg at arm’s length. It will also have a face-level display, allowing the display of “useful information“Regarding his mission. Ultimately, her mission will be thusEliminate dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks“For humans to take his place.

The wolf in the sheepfold

As you might expect, this robot will be powered by artificial intelligence. According to Musk, its eight cameras will power the same reconnaissance and spatial navigation tools found in Tesla cars… and much more. It will have “tagging” tools, which certainly means an AI object recognition system. It would also include simulation tools, without knowing exactly what this refers to.

© Tesla (YouTube screenshot)

However, it is no secret that Elon Musk considers AI to be a huge threat. A point he has been repeating regularly for nearly ten years; Earlier last year, he was still saying that even Tesla’s AI systems should be regulated.

However, he did announce some subtleties that show Tesla’s forces are considering the possibility of a doomsday scenario. The robot for example is designed with some mechanical limits which act as collateral; It’s impossible, then, to imagine her bobbing like an Atlas of Boston Dynamics. He, for example, is not able to exceed 8 km / h, so that a person who walks on his feet can take his heels without the risk of falling into it. Likewise, it is designed so that a human can “ProbablyFinally, the robot should not be able to act without clear step-by-step instructions, such as “Pick up this nut and attach it to the car with this wrench.” But this shouldn’t be necessary, because according to the presentation, it was designed to be … friendly. miss We are loyal, don’t worry!

© Tesla (YouTube screenshot)

Rethinking the human concept of work

But with the Tesla Blot, Musk wants to do a lot more than just offer a “simple” electronic assistant. He desires to rid humanity entirely of the most painful tasks. “In the future, physical labor will be an option‘ Musk confirms at the end of his presentation.We can decide to do it, but we won’t need it anymore“.The goal is clear, then: the first step is to revolutionize the human concept of work. But the entrepreneur does not want to stop there; for him, it could be a systemic revolution capable of providing a resource that is still limited today.” The basis of the economy there is work. after every thing, Capital is nothing but distilled labour‘, slips. It’s hard to know exactly what’s on the mind of the Tesla magician with that sentence; but if the Tesla Bot follows the same roundabout rise That its electric cars, we will likely be fixed in the coming years.

Demo video is available below.

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