Tech hub in Montreal faces cookie apocalypse

However, countries and digital giants are increasingly restricting access to user data, which is seen as the end of the world in the world of advertising.

Sharethrough in Montreal, which has become a major player in digital marketing on the planet, believes it has found a solution to continue to target Internet users correctly, while respecting privacy, thanks to artificial intelligence.

Every day, Sharethrough’s ad technology platform manages 60 billion ads. It’s a virtual place to buy and sell automated ad space that connects publishers like Radio-Canada and advertisers like Air Canada.

millisecondes. C’est fou! C’est aussi vite que la lumière pratiquement.”,”text”:”C’est une enchère en temps réel, explique le président et directeur général, Jean-François Côté. Tout ça se fait à l’intérieur de 400millisecondes. C’est fou! C’est aussi vite que la lumière pratiquement.”}}”>The President and General Manager, Jean-François Coté, explains that it is a real-time auction. All this is done within 400 milliseconds. This is madness! It’s about the same speed as light.

Most major media in North America The New York Times And CBS in particular, they do business with the company. When you see an ad appear on a web page, Sharethrough may be behind the deal.

Although the marketing platform is invisible, it knows the internet users well. Thanks, among other things, for the cookies (or biscuit) collected when you browse from website to website, the platform can anonymously identify your areas of interest and deliver relevant paid advertisements.

We help Radio Canada in this world to monetize its content. […] Our job is to connect the advertiser with the right users. »

Quote from Jean-François Coté, President and CEO, Sharethrough

the end of the world biscuit

Of the $300 million in ads processed on Sharethrough in 2021, $240 million has been returned to publishers and the remaining $60 million has been returned to their coffers.

The costs for the technology infrastructure and 150 expert employees spread across Canada and the United States are significant. It could become even more with Google by 2023 getting rid of this data that tracks you, a file biscuit Third parties – what the industry calls: cookies“,”text”:”l’apocalypse des cookies”}}”>the end of the world biscuit.

Facebook’s stock market reversals in recent weeks can also be explained in part by the difficulty the social network will now have to offer more targeted advertising. Already, Apple really put it on its wheels last year with an update that allows iPhone owners to accept or decline being tracked.

As a solution, Sharethrough leader says he must Investing heavily in AI to retain this strength [de bien cibler les internautes] And to stay better in products and tactics for our customers.

Moov AI as a backup

This is where Quebec-based AI startup Moov AI stepped in to support Sharethrough and customize ad display using a powerful algorithm.

We’ve been removed from an information goldmine and that’s for the better, assures Moov AI’s Vice President for Science, Olivier Blaise. It’s for privacy, but it makes marketing more complicated.

The developed algorithm skips a set of data taking into account the time of day, a person’s location and IP address, the characteristics of the visited website and advertising content.

You don’t want to find yourself like 15 or 20 years ago, advertising was static and unpleasant. At the same time you want to respect privacy. »

Quote from Olivier Blaise, Vice President of Decision Sciences, Moov AI

Postponing the initial public offering

Sharethrough, which now claims to be among the world’s top 5 ad exchange platforms, is thinking big, but the digital ecosystem is changing fast. You have to stay one step ahead and constantly innovate.

Executives at the company, formerly District M, were aiming for an initial public offering on the Toronto Stock Exchange last fall to raise capital for future acquisitions and to increase the attractiveness of its workforce.

They had to postpone the project due to uncertain conditions in the technology stock market. When you go sailing, go out in timeJean-Francois Coté explains.

Since 2016, Fonds de Solidarité FTQ, Investissement Québec and Export Development Canada have pumped a total of $39 million into Sharethrough.

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