SAGE’s new cloud solution for the manufacturing industry

What is Sage Intacct Manufacturing?

Intended for SME and ETI companies in the industrial sector with 20 to 499 employees, Sage Intacct Manufacturing is an enterprise resource planning for production and trade management.

Sage Intacct Manufacturing offers deep vertical capabilities that support the complex business characteristics of manufacturing industries. Its open technology platform enhances its integration and interoperability with all of the company’s business applications.

Sage Intacct Manufacturing has many benefits for industrial companies, allowing them to increase productivity, agility, and competitiveness:

  • Monitor operations in real time using automated and customizable indicators, reports and dashboards;

  • Availability of data through a single platform allowing access from anywhere, anytime, on any device;

  • User-friendly and simplified interface, adapting to profiles and actions, thus offering a unique user experience;

  • Connected to the Sage FRP 1000 financial suite, Sage Intacct Manufacturing becomes an extended cloud ERP system, allowing easy management of all operating (production) and financial (accounting) flows, at both a strategic and operational level.

What makes a SaaS solution different from Sage?

Sage is a large SaaS company that puts innovation and technology at the service of its customers. By choosing a SaaS solution in a multi-tenant architecture, Sage offers its customers many benefits, including optimized execution time, fast and simplified update processes, a high level of security and availability, or a very competitive price that can be reached.

Sage is a historical and benchmark player in production management and commerce software, and stands out from many other publishers by combining the latest generation of business and technology expertise. Thus, Sage Intacct Manufacturing addresses business challenges with user-designed operational processes from the design stage with technological components that ensure performance and scalability. A winning combination that delivers a unique user experience, simplifies navigation and maximizes daily operational efficiencies.

We put openness and interoperability at the heart of this new solution. Our goal is to support companies in the industrial sector in digitizing their operations. » DM

In order to offer a complete response to companies looking for an extended solution, combining operational flow management (production, trading) and financial flow management (accounting, finance), with constant attention to regulatory compliance, the publisher offers a perfect integration of Sage Intacct Manufacturing with its proven financial portfolio and reference, solution Sage FRP 1000.

Here again, business and technology expertise contribute to the full value proposition of users. Based on an open technology platform, enhanced with APIs, integration between applications is simple, straightforward and secure. It also becomes transparent to the user, easily supporting the needs of different profiles within the organization.

It will be completely transparent to the user who will find the data he needs, in real time in each of the fully connected applications thanks to the APIs. This will allow you to manage everything from production to billing. »DM

Getting started in France

Sage begins in stages. A good example of Sage’s innovation culture, a few weeks ago a new team was created with the goal of supporting the availability of Sage Intacct Manufacturing in the market. The combination of hybrid resources (partners and the Sage team) with strong experience in managing production and circulation gives the publisher a significant advantage, allowing it to multiply the success of the launch of a completely new SaaS solution by engaging a few partners prior to launch and benefiting from best practices and feedback from the industry.

“Sage Intacct Manufacturing, which has been designed and developed on the basis of the user experience with the aim of responding as closely as possible to their business challenges, sees its responsiveness growing and growing constantly, thanks to the exceptional business expertise of the Sage Partners ecosystem and their unparalleled proximity to the actors in its platforms. Industrial production for the French market.

At a time when the French industrial sector is renewing itself, Sage comes to provide an innovative commercial and technological response that meets the challenges of small and medium-sized companies in the manufacturing industry. According to a recent study by BPI, 63% of companies in the sector have started a process to transform their organization, industry blueprint or business model. France and the manufacturing sector anticipate a lot from cloud business solutions and Sage has realized this with its new trendy offering.

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