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Officially on September 24, 2020, Luna promises to be the future of gaming according to Amazon. Cloud Gaming solution, similar to Google Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce Now or Microsoft’s Xcloud. In preparation for many years, the American giant took his time to reveal his service. We expected meticulous, thoughtful and well-managed communication. However, over a year and a half after it was announced, Luna is struggling to impress and has yet to launch worldwide.

At the beginning of 2021, we learned that Mark Witten, CEO of Amazon Luna, had a He quit to join the unit teams. For several months, the games branch of Amazon has not been looking good with very complex developments on the side of Amazon Games Studios.

Today (January 15, 2022) Where is Amazon Luna? What do we know about the future cloud gaming service? When will this (finally) happen in France? We are evaluating now!

What is Amazon Luna?

Luna is Amazon’s Cloud Gaming service. It’s the promise to easily play great games on the devices you already own. No need to wait for endless downloads or updates, just play. You don’t even need keyboards. Get your console and play!

Finally, someday. Because right now, since it was announced in September 2020, French players (and all over the world) are waiting to be able to test that promise. The service is already only available in the USA and Canada in Early Access.

How do I access Amazon Luna?

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If you reside in the United States or Canada, you can apply for Amazon Luna Early Access. If you are lucky and selected, you will be able to test the beta version of the service.

For players in the rest of the world, patience will be required. At the moment, Luna is in beta in America and we don’t know when the beta will be available in the rest of the world. We know little about when the service will arrive in a “final” version.

What is the price of amazon luna?

From there, things will get complicated (really). Unlike other services, Amazon Luna does not offer a specific price. The Service offers “Channels” to which you can subscribe. According to its channels, you will have access to different games. For the beta launch, Amazon Luna offers three channels:

amazon channel luna luna +

  • “Luna +” channel at $5.99 per month (Special price for the trial phase must increase).
    With this channel, you can access:
    – Catalog of games that will grow over the months
    – Ability to play at 1080p and 60fps (end target will be 4k and 60fps)
    – Possibility to play on two devices at the same time
    – Ability to play on Windows PC, Mac, Fire TV, Fire devices, Chromebooks, web app, iOS and Android mobile phones, iOS and Android tablets.

amazon channel luna luna +

  • Ubisoft+ channel at $17.99 per month
    With this channel, you can access:
    – All the latest Ubisoft games including the latest Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or FarCry 6 games and upcoming future games
    – Possibility to play in 1080p and 60fps
    – Possibility to play on one device
    – Ability to play on Windows PC, Mac, Fire TV, Fire devices, Chromebooks, web app, iOS and Android mobile phones, iOS and Android tablets.

Amazon Luna Family Channel

  • “Family” channel at $2.99 ​​per month
    With this channel, you can access:
    – Catalog of rated PEGI 3 and PEGI 7 games that will grow over the months
    – A selection of games that can be played in local co-op
    – Possibility to play on two devices at the same time
    – Ability to play on Windows PC, Mac, Fire TV, Fire devices, Chromebooks, web app, iOS and Android mobile phones, iOS and Android tablets.

Amazon has already announced that other channels will arrive later with other collaborations (Ubisoft will not be the only partner publisher). As you understand, this is likely to be especially expensive. For the trial version only, if you want to subscribe to the three channels, you will get it for 26.97 euros per month. It is much more expensive than Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Now.

How do you play Amazon Luna?

Amazon Luna Cloud Games

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Here’s the practical and simple side: to play Luna, all you have to do is sign up and sign in with your account on the different Luna apps (on PC, Mac, Fire TV, Fire tablets, Chromebooks, web app, iOS mobile phones, Android devices and iOS and Android tablets). After that, all you have to do is plug in a console and enjoy your games with no downloads, no updates, and no consoles!

What consoles to play Amazon Luna?

amazon luna controller

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Amazon introduced the Luna Controller when the service was announced. Thus this new console will provide the best experience.

Luna Controller is Alexa-powered and connects directly to the cloud to easily control your game, with a multi-antenna design that prioritizes uninterrupted Wi-Fi for low-latency gaming. In fact, our tests showed reduced round-trip latency when running Luna Controller with Cloud Direct Via Bluetooth.With reductions of 17-30ms between PC, Fire TV and Mac.Because the Luna console connects directly to cloud servers, players can easily switch between different screens such as Fire TV and mobile, without any additional connection or configuration changes”.

Other controllers must also be compatible with the service.

Will there be exclusive games on Luna?

yes ! Amazon has promised new and exclusive titles on Luna thanks to the work of Amazon Games Studios. At the moment, there is no advertised title and we do not know if Amazon plans to purchase exclusive materials from third-party publishers.

When do we expect Luna to be in France?

Unfortunately, there is no information on this. Since its September 2020 announcement, Amazon has been very cautious about this. On October 22, 2020, Amazon opened early check-in in the US and Canada. Since then, we have had no news of the service. We don’t know yet if the testing phase was successful or not. Anything can happen overnight!

In 2020, Amazon reported: “We’ve received hundreds of thousands of early access requests, and starting today, we’ll begin inviting a small group of customers in the US to join us and help shape the future of gaming. On Luna”.

All about Amazon Luna in 5 questions

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Luna? What is that ?

It will be a new cloud gaming service from Amazon that will allow players to play … without consoles!

What should be the release date?

Amazon Luna came early in the USA and Canada since October 2020. Since then, Amazon has remained silent.

At what price can Amazon Luna be launched?

Unlike other cloud gaming services (such as XCloud, PlayStation Now, Google Stadia, or NVIDIA GeForce Now) Amazon Luna will not offer a flat rate. The platform will provide several ‘channels’ that you will have to subscribe to in order to get access to different games.

On what medium(s) will the service be compatible?

Currently, Amazon Luna can be accessed on PCs, Macs, Fire TV, Fire devices, Chromebooks, web apps, iOS and Android mobile phones, and iOS and Android tablets.

Is there a special console to play Luna?

Yes, the Luna Controller that was announced at the same time as the service. On the other hand, a Luna console wouldn’t be necessary to access the service.

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