Orange at the top of the nPerf rating of mobile Internet operators in the Antilles-Guyana Islands – all the news from Martinique on the Internet

According to the latest nPerf metric study, Orange leads mobile internet connections in 2021 in the Guyana Antilles, despite a slowdown in the overall performance of the major phone operators.

Based on tests conducted by nPerf mobile app users in the Antilles-Guyana in 2021, nPerf recently published its latest study on “Mobile Internet in French Guiana and the Antilles”.

In general, the metric refers to “the context of a performance slowdown, in 2021, in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana. Speeds slow or drop, response time deteriorates and experience quality in browsing and live streaming decreases.”

According to nPerf, in this scene, Orange clearly “stands out”, maintaining or increasing its comfortable lead over its competitors, except perhaps in Martinique.

“Waiting for the arrival of 5G, or more visible use of 4G+ technology in these areas, all the major indicators give Orange an advantage, and the horizon does not seem to darken for 2022: SFR remains its number one competitor, Digicel is falling behind in performance and developments far below expectations” .

in Martinique

Apart from the success rate, awarded to SFR Caraïbe, and web browsing profit on par with the latter, France Telecom’s heir shows excellence in almost all aspects, establishing its dominance in the mobile internet. Martinican, notes nPerf.

Order Martinique – nPerf

Like Guadeloupe, overall performance on the island’s three major networks has fallen this year, SFR remains second in the nPerf rankings, and Digicel is crumbling by giving up over 16,000 points.

Orange subscribers benefited from the best average download speed (70.50 Mbit/s) in 2021. Orange wipes out all the competition for this statistic, as it’s nearly double its closest follower, SFR Caraïbe.

Downstream speeds in Martinique – nPerf

in Guadeloupe

Winner in all major indicators, Orange repeated their victory in Guadeloupe, while falling slightly behind their performance.

Guadeloupe – nPerf . Ranking

In fact, all operators lose points in the nPerf score in 2021, but Orange is better to contain this drop by giving up 7000 points, compared to the SFR 11500 and Digicel 15500. SFR Caraïbe remained in second place, despite everything, As usual, 4G connection rate.

Digicel falls sharply and is placed in stealth mode, below 40,000 points.

Orange subscribers benefited from the best average download speed (54.31 Mbit/s) in 2021.

Downstream speeds in Guadeloupe – nPerf

in Guyana

This phenomenon is repeated in French Guiana. For the third year in a row, Orange ends up winning, in the lead on all stats studied except for latency, which is more satisfactory in the SFR, nPerf noted.

Ranking of French Guiana – nPerf

Like the Caribbean islands, average latency, web browsing, and YouTube streaming in Guyana in general have decreased. On the other hand, thanks to the SFR, the average speed increases significantly in this region. The latter is still in the second step of the platform (it also shares the best 4G connection rate with Orange), and here Digicel also gives away more than 11,000 points to complete any hope of catching up.

Orange subscribers benefited from the best average downlink speed (48.45 Mbit/s) in 2021. Despite a very discreet annual increase (+0.7 Mbit/s), Orange took its third consecutive win, 18 Mbit/s over its rival SFR.

Downstream rates – nPerf

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Thus, during 2021, Internet users from Guadeloupe took 18,918 nPerf tests there, from Martinique 21,236 and from French Guiana 8,621.
nPerf tests include productivity, browsing, and streaming tests. All this allows nPerf to offer a panel-based study among the broadest overseas departments and territories.
nPerf is a Lyon-based company that is independent of operators. Our goal is to enable users to measure the quality of fixed and mobile internet networks themselves and to help operators improve their networks.

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