Morpheus Network: A Blockchain and Logistics Company Will Soon Become a World Champion?

The globalization of the global economy has made managing supply chains more complex. High level of logistical, health and environmental requirements, which traditional players find very difficult to bear.

Morpheus Network It is a comprehensive software solution that automates and digitizes many previous manual protocols from start to finish, optimizing the interactions of different service providers throughout the process. Capitalizing on strong growth thanks to the economic recovery, the company now claims to be proving its credibility against the sector giants.

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Supply chain ‘block’, the new normal?

Use the Morpheus network platform smart contracts To connect multiple systems and automate food paths according to the specific needs of each customer. In particular, IPFS, a B2B content sharing protocol, is used to retrieve and store documents (customs, proof of shipment, status, etc.) In a distributed, up-to-date, approved and verifiable manner by all entities involved.

turns uphey The network enables better control of supply chains

Technologically neutralMorpheus’ solution takes advantage of several leading networks such as Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin and BinanceChainAnd will continue to add more in the future. Critical interoperability when you know that a simple international delivery will involve several dozen players with different requirements and needs. Flexibility paired with ease of usebased on a convenient and instinctive interface and allows the integration of certain tools thanks to a simple “drag and drop”.

Morpheus Network Black, the ultimate interface

The Network Black platform is the result of five years of hard work in development. Offered more than 100 units as well Tools that combine big data, international legislation, machine learning, and paymentsAllowing each customer to transform their specific needs into an adapted and optimized digital flow. But it’s also a launching pad forsuccessful business strategy Which Morpheus Network seems to be implementing recently.

With its commercial strategy, Morpheus Network intends to cement its notoriety in the crypto ecosystem
Morpheus Network seeks to popularize its solution with a robust communication strategy

On the basis of the strength of the growing adoption, the company has embarked on a promotion and communication campaign aimed at Get recognition for your disruptive solution and globalization. In search of legitimacy and new partners, Morpheus Network has chosen to compete for several international awards that reward start-up “technology” companies. A successful operation since then The company has already won the challenge “Future of Ports 2021” From Gulftainer among 2000 competitors from all over the world.

Morpheus Network, the logistics giant of the future

Victory befriended Rise of the Force Organized by the team that has just announced its selection as one of the finalists for the “Entrepreneurship World Cup 2021”. A prestigious competition, backed by big names in the world of industry and entrepreneurship, has since 2019 distributed several million dollars to promising startups. Very strong promotion For any company looking for recognition and legitimacy.

Morpheus Network wants to promote the adoption of a supply chain solution by participating in competitions that combine young innovative technologies
The Morpheus Network competes for the 2021 Entrepreneurship World Cup Final

“Our journey during this Entrepreneurship World Cup underscores our efforts to make supply chain management fast and hassle-free. We are extremely proud of our ability to deliver tangible solutions to our clients. From small businesses to industry giants, we pride ourselves on improving their business operations, and Providing supply chain managers Better visibility and real-time visibility of their operations. »

Danny Weinberger, CEO of Morpheus Network

While the field of cryptography sees many technologically brilliant projects disappear due to a lack of tangible applications, Morpheus addresses a real and global problem: the liquidity of supply chains.

Morpheus Network aggressively implements a robust business development strategy, with blockchain technology aimed at the general public. There is no doubt that the title of world champion for 2021 will become a heavy additional asset in the game Morpheus Network

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