Leviia, the green and fast French cloud

In the already very competitive cloud storage space market, a newcomer has emerged who is French! Cock Doodle Doo! Leviia is a French company, which provides a high performance file storage and sharing service, and its servers are located in France.

Where does this UFO come from in the GAFAM scene? What are its offers? How does its platform work? What tools do you offer? Even more surprisingly, Livia asserts that her approach is ethical and environmental? These are all questions that require answers.

Who is Livia?

So Leviia is a French company, headed by Arnaud Meauzoone, which aspires to challenge the advantages of storage space such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and others. But how can this small French cloud company, headquartered in Seine-et-Marne, compete with these American giants while offering an online file storage, backup and download service that is fast, secure, and respects the privacy of its users, while claiming to support an environmentally friendly approach?

So Leviia is based in France, and its servers too, unlike other French cloud companies that use servers in other countries, so your data is protected by French law. This platform, which came out of the ground in October 2020, presents itself as a Made in France and ecological alternative to large US file-sharing, backup and storage companies. Aimed at individuals and professionals alike, Leviia offers non-binding offers at all prices, ranging from as little as 2€ for 100GB to 36€ for 10TB (Personal Offers) depending on the storage space you want to get.

Leviia green French fastener prices

Another important criterion that should be emphasized: speed. Leviia has amazing transfer speeds of 1 Gbps. For example, 30 4K photos are downloaded in 2 seconds, 90 MP3 files in just 3 seconds, and an HD movie is transferred in less than 6 seconds. And when working remotely, where file sharing and availability should be instant to save time and improve productivity, this is an indisputable advantage.

After speed, security is an undeniable advantage for Leviia since the platform enforces different layers of protection. For example, your data is backed up at least twice on different servers, always located in France. In the event of a server failure, your data remains accessible from the other server. Data splitting and server-side communication is encrypted in AES-256 and backup, sharing and transmission of data goes through a secure SSL/TLS-HTTPS protocol. Finally, Leviia integrates protection against ransomware (ransomware) and against DDoS attacks.

green approach

Livia is truly in keeping with modernity, objectivity and zeitgeist. In addition to offering a non-binding French cloud service, the company is committed to protecting the environment. In fact, it has chosen to adopt an environmentally responsible green IT approach and offset all of its carbon dioxide emissions and even more, up to 200%, by funding Reforest’Action’s reforestation and environmental protection operations.

Use the tool

Now that the presentations are made, let’s talk about the features of the platform and especially the online collaborative tools, which are a must today in remote work.

File management is one of the main features of Leviia. In fact, the modern and tidy interface allows you to manage all your documents and organize them into folders, as you would from your computer explorer for example. Accessing your backed up documents, photos, videos, and other files is simple and intuitive. The platform also supports drag and drop to quickly backup one or more files.

Leviia file management interface

Leviia file management interface

Leviia also provides its users with online office tools, accessible from any terminal (Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Android or iOS mobile device) and compatible with the file formats published by Microsoft. Office. Thanks to the OnlyOffice office suite, posted on Leviia, you can take advantage of a word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software editor to create new documents or modify existing ones. And of course, it is possible to collaborate online on many projects. Add your collaborators to your contact list and allow them to participate in the document being edited. Each collaborator will be able to comment on the document, see the history of revisions, etc. Note that in addition, Leviia integrates a specific manager for saving your photos and videos, agenda and deck system, for listing and prioritizing tasks to be tackled. With just a few clicks, you can organize yourself better and visualize at a glance all the tasks to be accomplished with due dates, etc.

OnlyOffice doc editor

OnlyOffice Docs Editor in Leviia

Backup, share and transfer data

So the platform provides all the basic functions for storing and managing documents online. It also makes it possible to share files between collaborators, but also with other external people, such as your customers for example. Thus, it is very easy to email a file download link and specify the access permissions granted. The account administrator will have the ability to grant simple read and download rights, add and edit permissions, protect the document with a password, set an access expiration date, etc. Jobs are much rarer, and Livia even allows filing. Thus, a Leviia account administrator can authorize one of its clients, for example, to check in a file in a folder to which it has granted access permissions. No more time consuming emails or file transfers from third party platforms. Everything can be sent directly to the Leviia Safe Zone.

In terms of backup and file transfer, know that Leviia is able to sync your files with Synology NAS or other server on the market, very easily using an automated backup system, allowing the user to save time and productivity. It’s also possible to automate file backups and data transfers from DropBox storage, Microsoft OneDrive, or Google Drive, right from the Leviia Settings menu. In a few clicks, you can choose to change the storage solution to a more ecological and made in France model.

Leviia Data Relay System

Leviia Data Relay System

Note that Leviia’s mobile apps (Android and iOS) have a photo backup system that automatically syncs photos and videos taken in your mobile device and stores them in your gallery.

PRO tool

Leviia also offers an automatic backup solution, which is very popular with professionals in particular and allows you to plan to sync your server or NAS to your Leviia storage, thus ensuring the security of your data. Note that Leviia supports Synology NAS, QNAP NAS, and most other NAS systems on the market. The same goes for Windows and Linux servers.

Suggested offers

Unlike its competitors, Leviia does not offer free services to test cloud backup and storage solution, but all of their offers are non-binding, so you can cancel any subscription with a single click.
Leviia offers two types of offers: personal and expert. Personal offerings are better suited to the needs of individuals and small professional structures. It’s ideal for backing up your hard drive, server, personal data, and small-scale file sharing. The first offer gives you 100GB of storage for 1.80€ excluding VAT per month. The most popular personal offer for individuals is €4.50 excluding 1 TB tax.

For Expert offerings, especially intended for professionals, storage can be up to 1,000 TB, or more, depending on needs.


Are you looking for a more ethical and environmental alternative to backing up and storing your data in the cloud, while enjoying high quality services and stable transfer speed? Adopt one of Leviia’s non-binding offerings to test the platform’s functionality and shift to a more responsible economic and environmental model.

The article was written in collaboration with Leviia

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