“Hey, no” – Wallet Nunchuk puts a strong signal in the Ontario Court of Justice

Money is doomed freedom – And when this freedom is taken hostage by a state to confront the demonstrators, we can say that it is very relative …

Yes, freedom, but on bank terms

it’s not Freedom Caravan Who would say otherwise. If you haven’t heard of this caravan, let’s take a few moments to set the context.

Since January 29, 2022, a convoy of thousands of trucks has been crossing the crossroads Canada To demonstrate against the implementation of measures related to the management of COVID-19 on site.

This movement generated waves of sympathy (or annoyance, it depends) in particular through online tools, and completely rocked the Canadian government.

This person’s reaction was completely baffled freeze Purely and simply the bank accounts of the people involved in this caravan, until I reached the limit Insurance Suspension from their cars.

It didn’t take long symbiosis It is organized around this movement, and this support is provided quickly, in particular Through cryptocurrency.

It could have stopped there, but the Ontario High Court of Justice decided to make war entirely to anyone involved in the movement, beyond any respect for privacy and the freedom to circulate funds.

This is why she explicitly requested from my supplier Pocket wallet (Wallet) Nunchuk’s Pure and Simply Ban User’s Bitcoinand based on disclose all information about them.

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Hitting the nunchaku in good shape

The Nunchuk team didn’t take long to respond and publish their answer – good taste – on Twitter.

Dear Ontario Court of Justice,

Nunchuk is a Bitcoin wallet not imprisonedmulti-sig and co-op.
We are software providers, not financial intermediaries.
Our software is free to use. It allows users to get rid of points of failure and store bitcoins in the most secure way, while maintaining privacy.

We do not collect any user identification information other than their email address. We don’t keep his keys either. for this purpose :

– We cannot “freeze” assets.
– We can’t stop them from moving.
– We have no knowledge of the existence, nature, value or location of our users’ assets.

Please have a look at what are the principles that’ self custody and private keys.
When the Canadian dollar becomes worthless, we will be there to serve you too. »

Twitter account @nunchuk_io

Needless to say, the court of justice does not really know how this type of wallet works, nor for what purpose it is used. Nunchuk’s answer, both correct and scathing, stands out This lack of culture On the performance of applications demonstrated by regulators and legislators. This also indicates obvious shortcomings in dealing with this subject that they are supposed to control.

actually a purse not imprisoned It is a fully user controlled application. As Nunchuk explains, this type of wallet indicates that the software provider has no information about its owner.

This one has public key Based on his private keyIt manages its funds completely independently. Just conservative by nature” guard (Guardian in the literal translation), such as those used on exchanges such as Binance or Kraken, allow an action that will block funds.

As is often said in the cryptocurrency space, Neither your keys nor your coins This aphorism that translates simply. Not your keys, not your money It means that if you don’t own the private key that accesses your money, the money isn’t really yours. The Protective Wallet Service will have no choice but to communicate its information if requested by the Court of Justice.

Binance and other investors are taking advantage of the Bitcoin dip to buy the dips.

Cake froze, the company behind Nunchuk immediately announced that it would discontinue storage Email addresses from its database. By not forcing their programs to store this information, they are turning their noses up at the government, which can no longer even demand that simple information from them, which they won’t have.

Satoshi Nakamoto The first Bitcoin block was mined in 2009, weeks after the global banking crisis. Its goal was to enable decentralization and non-intermediary value transfer on the Internet. He wanted to avoid what was happening today.

But countries don’t seem to have really understood this performance and started to realize it Bitcoin Other blockchains bring the freedom they are trying to suppress.

Whether you support this protest movement or not, Freedom Convoy has shown one thing: Bitcoin is designed to help combat censorship and the abusive nature of some sanctions. The real beauty in all of this is that the Nunchuk team has fully cooperated by politely stating that they cannot fulfill this request. Everyone has their money, directly, without a middleman or possibility of restrictions. Wouldn’t this be real freedom?

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