EU Regulatory Tightening – European Cryptocurrency Migration Accelerates to Switzerland

European immigration of cryptocurrency to Switzerland accelerates

Has Startup Nation lost ground?  Aware of the economic opportunities that a harmful European climate presents to Switzerland, associations and economic promotions are luring French crypto entrepreneurs into disarray.
Sebastian Gospelo (right), with the brother of the President of the Republic of El Salvador, Ibragim Bukele.  The French businessman, a longtime promoter of the French tech scene, is moving to Neuchâtel.

Anger in Europe over regulatory uncertainty

At the end of Thursday afternoon, the first package of measures, including repressive ones against private users’ wallets, crossed the ramp in the commission in the European Parliament. Others will follow. In the evening, the reactions were not long in coming.

Switzerland is more welcoming than ever

Switzerland Raised the French Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

The event, organized at the Swiss Embassy in Paris on April 12, aims to attract French crypto companies.  Three cryptocurrency entrepreneurs will praise Switzerland's allure.

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