Earn Ethereum and Dollars without doing anything: Feel the shock of mining!

Tomorrow won today This adage is so dear to the hearts of cryptocurrency investors that Feel Mining has made its motto. Away from the hustle and bustle of the financial markets, here we are building capital over time. In fact, Feel Mining wants to be the interface between the general public and the tools of decentralized finance (DeFi): master nodes, mining and betting. Founded in 2018, registered as a Digital Asset Service Provider (PSAN) in 2021, the company is growing rapidly, The pace of cryptocurrency adoption. Today, two new coins are entering the DeFi staking protocol: Ethereum and USD Circle.

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Mining Feeling: Recent savings are just a click away

In 2021, Feel Mining launched the first DeFi staking offering on Bitcoin (BTC) as in the Tether (USDT) stablecoin. Through the magic of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), dividends for investors accumulate on the platform. The success is immediate. The so-called “DeFi” staking must be distinguished from the simple staking offered by Feel Mining as well. Full support for delegating your tokens on MENA Networksand Polkadot, Kusama and many others. All the major block chains are there. Real selections of crypto coins carefully selected by the team.

On the other hand, DeFi wants to take advantage of decentralized finance protocols and opportunities. Your money is placed on the major networks following a very strict process. The protocols used are determined by their locked values, and you never receive more than 10% of your capital. In addition to contributing to the security of the blockchain, this innovative approach, implemented by a team of dedicated professionals, allows you toClassic staking returns. Better passive and regular income without giving up your crypto! The annual returns on these investments take the form of return on investment (ROI), expressed as a percentage.

As usual in coding, the more projects you support, the higher your reward. Mining feel Thus it allows you to increase your earnings according to when you agree to block your assets in the protocols. Thus, by blocking your money for a certain period, this will double the return on investment:

  • 5% for 90 days
  • 10% for 180 days
  • 15% for 356 days

Today, Feel Mining is expanding its catalog with two new cryptocurrencies, not least. Named after Ethereum and USDC:

Ethereum and USDC are part of Feel Mining’s DeFi staking

Ethereum staking from Phil Mining

Is it worth introducing Ethereum? The second largest cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization, decentralized financing protocols were literally invented on the blockchain. This network hosts the largest number of projects under construction. The validation process for the original Proof of Work (POW) transactions moves to the Proof of Storage (POS). Thus, cryptocurrency will become more environmentally friendly and faster. this event – It’s called merging – It should undoubtedly raise the price of this asset, which is highly appreciated by investors all over the world. So Feel Mining now offers to co-cluster ethers in two different ways.

First of all, in anticipation of this announced emigration, he called the show Ethereum 2.0 Classic staking offers a 4.6% ROI. The originality here lies in the fact that ETH 2.0 tokens have not yet been issued. Somehow, you will anticipate their resurrection, start accumulating them until the new protocol is implemented and give you the new coins as a reward for your investment. The release date of the funds has not been announced.

Ethereum is about to enter Proof of Stake, Feel Mining lets you bet coins in advance
Feel Mining expects to move to Ethereum 2.0

This novelty offers a 5% return on investment. A higher return, such as the risk that the “DeFi” dimension might present. It is up to you to make your pick and choose the formula that suits you best, unless you decide to take advantage of the security and higher returns by dividing your capital between the two and blocking it for some time.

USDC from Circle, this stablecoin is like no other

Keeping stablecoins has its advantages, and thus its followers. It makes it possible to generate passive income while avoiding the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. But due to the development of the market and each stablecoin has its own characteristics, it was important to it feel mining To diversify its offer and offer a second option besides Tether’s USDT.

The second largest stable currency in terms of capitalization market and thus offering a high level of liquidity, USDC will allow clients to secure their portfolio while benefiting from greater flexibility. Plus, Circle, its issuer, is a leader in tackling regulatory issues, which sounds reassuring to anyone who wants to save for the long term.

Finally, its parity system ensures that every USDC is backed by a real US dollar. Organic stability, a real argument against the multiplicity of algorithmic stablecoins whose sustainability is sometimes questioned by specialists. The ROI will be the same for USDT, i.e. 10.5% per year.

Payouts for DeFi Staking from Feel Mining are greater than the classic bet made on a large number of tokens
DeFi staking returns are improved

Feel mining on all fronts to make you earn more!

So the company now offers four cryptocurrencies in its offer Private DeFi share. The 2 largest coins in the market, Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as the two most popular stablecoins. An ever-evolving offering, defined through the numerous exchanges between the team and its community, dated Instagram or Twitter. In order not to miss an ad, feel free to join them!

In addition to offering you these new financial opportunities, Feel Mining also wants to help you better understand blockchain technology and the ecosystem along with a dynamic and interested French community. To this end, the team of dedicated DeFi professionals in-house kindly introduces you to a podcast channel, a veritable mine of information. It already contains 27 episodes, each one more rewarding than the next. The latter is devoted strictly to the topic of the day.

Finally, it seems important to conclude by reminding you that Feel Mining will be launching this summer Payment service called WiglThe original merger of a new bank and crypto platform. While waiting for the official opening of the site, you can pre-register there to become a beta tester of the solution and why not randomly draw and win a welcome €50. “Alone we go faster, together we go further.” This is what Feel Mining understands.

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