CryptoKix: How Nike wants to reinvent sneakers thanks to NFTs

do it! – distance Nike’s acquisition of RTFKT Last December, the first digital co-branded sneakers arrived! On Friday, April 22nd, 3D fashion and creativity studio revealed a collection NFT Sneakers on Twitter and Discord. Nike Cryptokicks Inspired by the Dunk . Model And to celebrate the brand’s long-awaited entry into digital apparel.

Nike’s new model: CryptoKix

Cryptokicks are now available to people who own Rtfkt Mnlth Box. These mysterious chests were NFT Offered in February to anyone with NFT From the Clone-X collection. People can choose to sell or keep their fund. Those who kept it have reason to rejoice! In fact, they can now exchange it for Mnlth which contains Cryptokick.

For starters, the company will offer eight upgradeable “skins” designed by Rtfkt. They will let people Customize sneakers with different looks and designs. Although Evolution Mode has not yet been activated, the process is similar to a video game skill tree. Rtfkt plans to open up the possibility of creating skins to creators and partners. At launch, Murakami created one of the shapes.

The sneaker community has enthusiastically embraced digital fashion and become a trendsetter for NFT. good label, Adidas and Nike compete To the right communities that arouse curiosity and curiosity metaverse. When Nike acquired Rtfkt, adidas revealed their highly anticipated NFTs in metaverseThe group collaborates with Gmoney and Bored Ape Yachting Club.

Similar to Rtfkt, adidas’ strategy is based on the promise ofPrivileges such as access to products and events digital and physical. To this end, Adidas has begun developing digital real estate on Sandbox. Nike has created a world on Roblox where people play to earn digital goods.

The brand acquired Rtfkt for two years in December for an undisclosed amount. And so Nike took over “Next-generation collectibles that fuse culture and play” from the platform. This allows the company to raise the bar for designers to ., said John Donahoe, President and CEO of Nike The intersection of sports, creativity, play and culture.

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Registered trademarks of Nike for cryptoquix Provided clues about the future roadmap. The brand has registered downloadable computer software for use as files Cryptocurrency wallet. Nike intends to own the ecosystem and offer the NFT marketplace.

Nike is focusing on potential ways to use blockchain technology to serve our customers in footwear, apparel and sports equipment. The Mnlth is just the beginning of a future serving athletes in this space. »

Statement from a Nike representative

Rtfkt Mnlth boxex contains NFTs from Nike Cryptokicks.
Rtfkt Mnlth Fund – Source: photo Rtfkt x Nike

The company also plans Cryptocurrency or token to her online community. Other brands refer to electronic bulletin boards, NFT blogs, and online scavenger hunts. Nike is also developing technology that allows its community members to receive crypto assets.

The popularity and hype surrounding his mysterious mantle is a testament to the trust that Rtfkt instilled in its followers. In secondary sales via OpenSea, the Mnlth project has already made millions in sales and It was trading up to 5.6 ETH (or 16,848 USD) in February. In addition to the Mnlth airdrop, Clone-X owners also received a “Space Pod”. This is a digital space that the owners can decorate. Although the connection between these assets remains confidential, some believe that eventually people who use Clone-X will be able to wear Nike sneakers. Show their sneakers in their virtual spaces.

This Cryptokicks launch may be the first of many digital launches from Nike. The trademark is already registered Seven brand applications related to the metaverseindicating the intent to manufacture and sell NFT sports apparel and footwear. Step’n and Move2earn have something to worry about !

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