Bitcoin Miami: Announcements to Remember

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) lagged behind Ethereum (ETH) and other major digital currencies today, despite a series of bullish news from the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami, USA.

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BTC is currently trading around $42,800, up just 0.6% in the last 24 hours and 4% up in the last 7 days.

Meanwhile, ETH price is hovering around $3,230, up 2% in the past 24 hours and unchanged in the past seven days, while other major altcoins like BNB and Solana (SOL) are up 0.8% and 3.5% respectively. , during the past 24 hours.

Bitcoin price development in the last 14 days:

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Mallers push for BTC to be adopted as a payment method in the US

Jack MallersCEO of Bitcoin Payments Provider strikeOn Thursday, he said his company had reached agreements to allow BTC to be used as a payment method with online merchants using the platform. Shopify It has a large number of physical retailers across America.

“When I go to all foodswhen I go to Chipotle Later this year, I now want to be able to use my Lightning node Tor“I care about my privacy,” Mallers said on the conference stage.

Mallers also declared that:

‘Strike also partnered with black HawkAnd […] One of the largest alternative payment service providers in the world. They have 400,000 storefronts and 37,000 partners,” adding, “We have also partnered with the largest POS provider in the entire world, NCR. “

Commenting on Mallers’ announcement, the famous macroeconomist and investment strategist said Lynn AldenFounder Lynn Alden Investment StrategyHe said accepting bitcoin at retailers is important to maintaining the network “without permission.”

“Some people naturally reject this idea because they don’t want to spend their bitcoins; they want to save it. However, the more places that accept BTC at the point of sale (on-chain, Lightning, or something else), the more the entire network will have. Unauthorized”, a announce Alden on Twitter thread.

“That’s because if all you can do with BTC is convert it back into fiat orders on a major exchange, it’s easy to isolate. […] But if you can spend it directly on goods and services across businesses and jurisdictions, it’s hard to isolate it.”

However, some cautioned that the news might not be as good as it seems, saying that the ability to pay with BTC will depend on a particular retailer enabling Lightning integration with their payment system.

Robinhood launches crypto wallet

Popular trading app looting He also has advertisement The most important news in the conference. It said it has deployed a crypto-wallet solution to more than two million customers on the waiting list.

according to Aparna ChinapragadaRobinhood’s Product Manager, users of the queued platform can now send and receive any cryptocurrency available on the platform.

She added that the company is also working on adding support for the Lightning Network.

Robinhood is a popular stock trading app among retail investors in the US, which is known for offering commission-free trading to its 31 million users across the country.

Nation-state adoption is increasing

samson mozzthe former chief strategy officer at the bitcoin development company, Blockstreamwhich says it is now working on state adoption of bitcoin, also had important news to report.

Mao said that the designated free economic zone on the island of Roatan in Honduras and the Madeira region in Portugal are willing to “adopt Bitcoin” as a means of payment in their territory.

Separately, a Mexican senator said she is proposing legislation to the Senate that would make bitcoin legal in the country if approved.

“This is what I have been able to do solo in a month,” Mr. Mao said at the end of his presentation at the conference.

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