Webinar on Trusted Artificial Intelligence, 16 March 2022, Amiens.

reliable artificial intelligence
Webinar, Wednesday, March 16th at 2:00 PM.
Critical complex problems cannot be solved, optimally, by the human mind. The use of effective and transparent AI becomes imperative. Designed by **Professor Zaid Zulaila** and developed jointly with France’s DeepTech INTELLITECH, xtractis® is one of the few — if not the only — reliable AI systems in the world to validate this double paradoxical requirement: to produce powerful, professional systems that are automated and scalable To audit, consists of … then rules, from a set of observed or simulated data. **Professor Zaid Zulaila** is the CEO and founder of the research and development company Intellitech [intelligent technologies] Director of Research and Development. Engineer in Applied Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence from Compiègne University of Technology (UTC), Doctor of Fuzzy Mathematics from UTC, Licensed by Direct Research, has been teaching fuzzy theory and its applications since 1993 at this university. In 1990 he applied his research in the mathematics of obfuscation to create the concept of “virtual driver” and “rolling lounge”: the first intelligent automatic driving systems. Recent advances in artificial intelligence: RF-N theory of automatic induction, inference, and abduction with continuous logic. As early as 2002, he ran a pivot in Intellitech’s strategy: to reliably automate the design of such systems with augmented, fuzzy artificial intelligence. Since then, Intellitech has been the editor of Trusted AI xtractis®, a global solution for automatic detection of predictive models from data, intended for critical complex operations. This platform does not require computer programming, detects expert systems whose decision-making strategy is crystal clear, auditable and validated, and whose predictive performance is at least as good as the best open source AI technologies. **Teacher. Since 1991, Zulaila** has conducted research in Fuzzy Mathematics and its applications and trained more than 1,700 students and auditors in this discipline. Since 2002, he has been the inventor, designer and co-developer of the different generations of the xtractis® program robot, the rights of which are regularly protected all over the world. Applications of this disruptive AI led to the discovery of several operational behavioral models of economic agents, and the proof-of-concept of finite rationality introduced by Herbert Simon in 1957. Xtractis® is used in several sectors (defence, security, health, finance, industry and autonomous machines etc. ). Awards and Honors Since 2005, Intellitech has been registered by the General Secretariat for National Defense and Security placed with the Prime Minister, on the list of companies belonging to strategic sectors to maintain and promote national strategic interests. In 2005 Intellitech was awarded the Prix de la Presse Économique de Picardie in the Innovative Company of the Year category, as a reward for its high-level innovation efforts, exemplified in particular by the xpark! ®, the avant-garde automatic parking solution. Effective compounds even in the most difficult situations. **Teacher. Zaid Zulaila** was awarded the 2006 Researcher of the Year as part of the Nouvel Économiste Men of the Year Awards for his work at xpark! ® and xtractis®. In 2008, Frost & Sullivan International awarded xpark! Best Product Innovation Award in Automotive Safety Systems. In 2012 Intellitech was awarded the Jury Favorite as part of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Nord de France Awards for its xtractis® robot. Xtractis® has won many national and international standards, public and private, against other scientific methods: polynomial regression, logistic regression, PLS (partial least squares), neural networks/deep learning, Bayesian networks, CART decision trees, random forest, augmentative trees, KSVM (Kernel Support Vector Machines). Sponsored by: **Christophe Dubois-Damien**, ** CEO of 01Innovation SAS, President of the Economics Committee for Engineers and Scientists in France (IESF), President of Professional Group of Sciences Po Paris Alumni, former auditor of PriceWaterhouseCoopers then CFO Thomson SA and Altus Finance . Join the video conference using this link: [https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83809307574?pwd=WjNSUGVQNHlXalZCQjFpZFlOeUFkdz09](https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83809307574?pwd=WjNSUGVQNHlXalZCQjFpZFlOeUFkdz09)
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Presentation of the “xtractis” project by the designer Professor Ayed Zulaila

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