One CDG Project, Final Part of CDG’s Deep Transformation (5/5)

Having started in 2017, operational transformation, consolidation, implementation of an appropriate organization, establishment of branches, reduction of the number of subsidiaries, implementation of governance and direction bodies to control risks; Note how diverse affiliate cultures can be. To use Mr. Zagnon’s expression, ‘that thing that makes the difference’ was missing, the culture of the group.

Below, in the fifth and final part of our interview, the group’s CEO tells us about the launch of the One CDG initiative, the final part of the group’s deep transformation between 2017 and 2022.

Médias24: How did the cultural transformation of CDG begin?

Abdel Latif Zaghnoun: We are a complex multi-business and multi-cultural group. This creates different states of mind from one affiliate to another.

This is how the idea of ​​a cultural transformation plan for strong development emerged among all our employees sense of belonging formulating a common vision regarding the goals and directions of the group; To create a framework, a horizontal model of management and leadership that fosters synergy and trust and includes more collective intelligence.

To this end, in 2017 it brought together all members of the group’s senior management under an appropriate framework for freedom of expression. Each senior manager was invited to express his feelings, expectations and observations regarding his entity regarding the work of the group and its mechanisms.

This was the genesis of our approach to cultural transformation one CDG.

After two days of frank and honest exchanges and discussions, we drafted the ONE CDG Charter with ten commitments that were the subject of consensus. An agreement we all signed.

We then brought to the attention of all Group employees, Directors and Group CEOs, and asked for their views and suggestions on concrete steps that should be taken to translate these commitments into concrete actions.

In short, what is the content of this agreement?

– Thus we obtained a real roadmap, which includes all the commitments contained in the charter of ONE CDG and is divided into 6 projects: human capital; synergy; Value; Telecommunications; Digital Transformation Governance.

Thus, the members, volunteers from each project, were able to develop a clear and ambitious action plan with initiatives that are fully aligned with the group’s strategic goals and that contribute strongly to furthering the spirit of the ONE CDG charter.

For example, the human capital project itself includes ten subprojects in the deployment stage at the group level: mobility and career development, training, talent management, assessment, performance, etc.

As such, we ensure that we regularly ask employees about their expectations, criticisms and suggestions, anonymously, through what is called internal social scale. These comments are collected, analyzed and, where appropriate, broken down into social policyIt is also one of the leading human capital projects.

5% of the salary will be allocated to training

-In terms of training, you have gone as far as creating your own academy, through accredited training and in partnership with renowned schools…

– In fact, it created the group under its own ONE CDG approach Training Academyby doubling partnerships with major Moroccan and foreign groups such as UIR, BrothersAnd the HEC, ESSEC or evenCentral School To provide training certificates and diplomas to the employees of the group.

Thus, we have moved from 0.1% to 2% of salaries for training and aim to increase the percentage to 5%.

Through training and development, everyone acquires the knowledge and lessons needed to accomplish their mission and adapt to the profound changes we are witnessing, such as those associated with digital transformation. We support change and prepare for succession.

Il est essentiel de faire le maximum en faveur des cooperateurs, car ils constituent le véritable capital de notre groupe, ces femmes et ces hommes qui se dévouent au quotidien, dans des contextes souvent compliqués, au service de oyens de leurs institution, their country. I take this opportunity today to pay tribute to them and express my sincere thanks.

– We can assume that you have reformulated the values ​​that form the basis of any corporate culture …

Our ONE CDG project thus continues its path within the group, helping to reinvent and adapt our corporate culture to an increasingly volatile and uncertain context. And for that, we must attract the best talent and give meaning to their approach within CDG.

In this state of mind, we, under ONE CDG, set out to re-question our raison d’être and our vision, reframing our values. This is how, in a collective and comprehensive approach, the three valueshappiness, From citizenship Based on the responsibility. They inspire us and release our energies, allowing us to align our inner workings with our outer commitments.

They direct us to assume, on a daily basis, our position as a repository of the deep trust entrusted to the state and citizens in order to contribute to the responsible and sustainable construction of a prosperous, dynamic and inclusive Morocco.

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